Being 20 years in 20 years in the Mediterranean region

Bénédicte Halba

  • Publication : 2000
  • Injep
  • ISBN : 2-11-091954-X

The demographic balance in the years to come between the North and South of the Mediterranean sea is a crucial issue. This book tackles this issue with relevant statistics and analysis to illustrate the key questions to be raised on the future of youngsters in this area. They are main target groups to be addressed in the evolution and revolution to come- and their impact in the region. The inequality in the proportion of young population in the general population between the North and the South of the region - the double between Alger (Algeria) and Marseille (France), together with the massive change in the labour markets unable to integrate so many young workers- administration already too numerous and a private sector too weak - is a main threat for migration. The partnership between North and South of the Mediterranean region is a key issue which is enlighted in this book with quantitative data - 130 statistical tables, with detailed comments and analysis- provided by the iriv for the INJEP. Each country is detailed with relevant quantitative and qualitative data on demography, education and employment pf younsgters. These elements should be a relevant basis for rational thoughts  on the future of youngsters in the 24 concerned countries in the region in order to set the basis for both a reflexion and an action. The Atlas- 24 detailed sheet are edited and written by the president of IRIV, doctor in Economics.

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