Bénédicte Halba, Monica Ibanez, Mojca Kovačič (eds)

The JuCiVol is meant to prepare youngsters to be active citizens by improving the acquisition of social and civic competences ; fostering knowledge, understanding and ownership of democratic values and fundamental rights; supporting teachers and educators in handling conflicts and dealing with diversity ; encouraging youth participation in social and civic life, in associations, platforms and organizations of the civil society ; valuing participation and volunteering as key activities in strengthening the culture of fundamental rights in the EU ; and involving stakeholders in order to identify good practices and to encourage participation & volunteering among youngsters.

It consists of a training for youngsters on the benefits and on key social & civic competences achieved through volunteering ; a mentoring for teachers and educators on key strategies to engage youngsters in volunteering ; a testing the training and mentoring with youngsters and professionals ; the building of a European network of experts and stakeholders in the field of volunteering ; Valuing the civic competences acquired by young volunteers in terms of civil engagement ; spreading the word on Jucivol and communicating the results to the broad public and to interested parties ; and evaluating the results.

It was tested in 5 countries: Spain (leader), France (initiator), Italy, Cyprus and Slovenia.


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