issue 21 - Solidarity for Ukraine -The art of self-control

Bénédicte Halba (ed)

  • Publication : 2023
  • iriv

This newsletter is the 11th published in 2023 and the 21st since the Russian aggression against Ukraine. Unexpected, unattended are ambiguous words. Optimists interpret an extraordinary event or situation as a sign of Providence, a chance to serve a cause they sincerely believed in, a way to put their skills and experience at the service of this cause. They may be blinded by an excess of enthusiasm. The reasonable are more weighted and expect real, tangible signs of the reliability and sincerity of an approach that is out of the ordinary but can also surprise. Emotions guide the former; reason guides the latter. A combination of these two attitudes makes it possible not to be mistaken. We will question this skill so prized in the 21st century- social and emotional competence. We will talk about influence strategies that use strong emotions to manipulate, and how the Ukrainian president was able to react with his emotional intelligence to the violent situation he faced. The right strategy is to know how to intelligently control one’s emotions so as not to be dominated by them and manipulated. Knowing how to keep calm, and demonstrate self-control, is essential in the face of an unexpected, unexpected, destabilizing situation. The 21st century is fertile ground.
1- An all-British phlegm
2- Cognitive warfare, manipulation of emotions by political and religious extremism
3- Emotional intelligence in Ukraine
4- Knowing reason - the art of «self control»

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