Handbook Think Diverse- enhancing creativity to enhance diversity

Bénédicte Halba (ed) et José Casares Moreno, Antonia Castellan

In terms of diversity, Europe has played a key role on several levels. It has adopted a motto that promotes diversity within its "United in Diversity" - "in varietate concordia", which has become a cross-cutting (or horizontal) priority of the European Erasmus programme, such as equal opportunities and social inclusion. The Think Diverse! provides a basis for continuing education for adults accompanying young people (regardless of their profile) who work in multicultural environments, a key feature of modern societies. In western democracies, the notion of diversity is essential. Its respect is an indicator to measure the democratic level of a society. In the European Union, democratic principles (universalism, justice for all, equality, civil liberties, etc.) must be respected. The spirit of the Think Diverse project is to use creativity and creative skills as a human resources management tool, with a multidisciplinary approach combining economics, management, law, history, sociology, psychology. You have to be creative to avoid misinterpretations and hasty conclusions on a subject as sensitive as diversity while using your own difference (related to your profile, gender, sexual orientation, culture, religion...) to successfully integrate socially and to progress professionally. Creativity is the competence of the 21st century to be able to adapt to a future full of uncertainties - war, pandemic, climate disasters...

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