Issue 14- Solidarity for Ukraine- Total disappointment

  • Publication : 2023
  • iriv

This issue is the fourth for 2023 and the 14th since the beginning of the war in Ukraine. This month of April 2023 begins strangely- Russia takes over the presidency of the Security Council at the UN as the sad anniversary of the war crimes committed in Bucha in April 2022 by Russian troops is celebrated. This issue examines the causes and consequences of disappointment. The term is polysemic; it is also full of nuances, which have been singularly lacking in Russian strategy since the beginning of the conflict. We will specifically ask about “being disappointed”. In a first point, we will evoke two perspectives- we can be disappointed by others, but also by ourselves when we believed in a cause that turned out to be a smoke and mirrors. We will then consider the attitudes of the different protagonists in the face of disappointment, their «resistance to frustration» to use the so overused terms of psychology. First the Russian president (the aggressor), then his Ukrainian counterpart (the aggressor). Finally, we will discuss the possibilities that are offered in the face of disappointment- to act as if nothing had happened, the strategy «Everything is fine Madame la Marquise»; to continue the aggression and brutalize the relations or to run away in another direction.
1- Being disappointed
2- Disappointed Russian President
3- Ukrainian Disappointments
4- Lessons from Disappointment

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