Issue 14 - Sollicitude

Eve-Marie Halba, Bénédicte Halba (eds) et Madeleine Marchi, Fernando Ribeiro, Régis (de) Saint-Rémy

  • Publication : 2008
  • iriv

We dedicate this edition to Bronislaw Geremek, a humanitarian and historian ; European deputy ; former Polish Minister of Foreign Affairs ; advisor to the free Trade union Solidarnosc ; who passed in July. He incarnated a free, unified, solidary, reconciled and future orientated Europe. Solicitude pervaded his whole life both in his political engagement and his works on exclusion in the Middle Ages. This fourtheenth edition invites a reflexion on the notion of solicitude. The editorial rive asks how intercultural mediation gives a human face to immigration politics in Europe. The academic rive explores the emotional dimension of this notion. The spiritual rive reflects on two icons of solicitude, Bon Pasteur and Marthe. The rive et dérive considers the limitations of the sharing of suffering. The Luxembourg rive shows how volunteers encourage cultural sharing in many communities.

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