Issue 15- Solidarity for Ukraine- Wrong track

Bénédicte Halba (ed)

  • Publication : 2023
  • iriv

This issue is the fifth for 2023 and the 15th since the beginning of the war in Ukraine. In the theatre play "The Lady of the Sea" published by the Norwegian playwright Henrik Ibsen in 1889, the main character, Dr Wangel summons Professor Arholm to understand the strange behaviour of his wife who is moving further and further away from him. He realized by exchanging with his guest that he was on the wrong track – the explanation he had found (a disappointed love between Arnholm and his wife) was wrong. Sometimes people who know everything about your life are wrong about your behavior. We ask ourselves in this issue about the virtues and setbacks of coaching. In a first point, we explain the «rules of the art» of a successful coaching that can be very fruitful to prepare leaders but disastrous when the working hypotheses are biased. In a second point, we study the facets of a “Russian-style” coaching; in a third point, we tackle the Ukrainian resistance to this long, brutal and repetitive strategy. In conclusion we wonder about the consequences of a failure in coaching.
1-Rules of the art
2-Coaching the « Russian way »
3- Ukrainian resistance
4-A «too much» coaching

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