Issue 20 - Confins

Eve-Marie Halba, Bénédicte Halba (eds) et Tina Glavic, Mona Lisa, Albert Samain, Amadeo Tsugouharu

  • Publication : 2010
  • iriv

We dedicate this edition to Erik le Rouge, the inventor from Greenland. This 'green earth' was going to represent the confines of exiled Norwegians. This twentieth edition ios dedicated to the borders. The editorial rive enquires into the desire for conquest, longing and intrusion that borders create. The academic rive deepens the notions of limits, confines and borders. The Parnassian rive looks at the influence of Japan on the artistic representation of the blurred. The Europa rive explores the Turkish and Islandic borders. The Slovienian rive looks at volunteering in the Eastern Europe.

European unionFranceJapanSlovenia

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