Issue 23 - Mosaïcs

Eve-Marie Halba, Bénédicte Halba (eds) et Marco Sebastian Funk, Diomar Gonzalez Serrano, Claude Proeschel, Halimata So, Vanessa Vivero

  • Publication : 2012
  • iriv

We dedicate this edition of the rives de l’iriv to the doge Partecipazio, who transformed Venice in a place of pilgrimage after the relics of Saint Marc were stolen by two Venetian merchants in Alexandria. The present basilic is from the XIth Century, its Byzantine mosaïcs were created by Ucello. This twenty third edition is dedicated to the mosaïcs. The editorial rive combines mosaïc and kaleidoscope. The academic rive shows that music, museum and mosaïc have common etymological roots with muse. The spiritual rive recalls the role of Concile Vatican II to bring religions closer in Europe.  The psychological rive questions the specific quest of migrants. The European rive analyses the process of integration in the United States of America and in Europe. The activist rive explains the unique approach of associations of female migrants. The rive of Mexico recalls the story of the art of mosaïc and its links with architecture.

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