issue 24 - Solidarity Ukraine- Intranquillity

Bénédicte Halba (ed)

  • Publication : 2024
  • iriv

This issue is the second one for 2024 and the 24th since the beginning of the war in Ukraine.... Two years ago Russia attacked Ukraine. This war in Europe has provoked an existential crisis within Europeans, a feeling of un-tranquillity that is a disposition of the soul, a permanent feeling of uncertainty and insecurity that can create intense and deep anxiety and fuel a latent then open anger. It can come from insidious facts when one is constantly questioned, or very concretely when a war is openly declared to you as Ukraine against Russia. In a first point, we will evoke a «forgotten» conflict within the European Union with Northern Ireland (in the United Kingdom) with different interpretations. In the following points, we will talk about the unquiet Russia and a shaken tranquillity in Ukraine with explosive geopolitics at the global level. In early 2024, the European Union could no longer bury its head in the sand with a war on its doorstep. Its enemies have exposed themselves; their message is clear. It can no longer dither. The UE has reacted, but it must not fail. It must also be clear about its own forgotten conflicts, and it shouldn’t hesitate to support its true allies.
1-The Quiet Man
2-Perpetual unquiet Russia
3-Shaken Ukrainian tranquillity
4-Unquiet being

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