Issue 24 - Truth

Eve-Marie Halba, Bénédicte Halba (eds) et Diomar Gonzalez Serrano, Roberta Gualtieri, Florence (de) Haynin, Maudy Piot, Katarina Popovic, Régis (de) Saint-Rémy

  • Publication : 2013
  • iriv

 We dedicate this 24th edition of the rives de l’iriv to Carlo Lorenzini alias Carlo Collodi, an Italian journalist (Firenze, 1826-1890), author of the Adventures of Pinocchio, Story of a a wooden puppet. The editorial rive is about the many obstacles to thruth. The academic rive points out the many meanings of truth. The spiritual rive recalls the voice of the truth.  The associative rive underlines the struggle of soldiers' wives to tell the truth on their experience. The feminist rive explains the truth on disability. The psychological rive proposes an explanation of truth in psychoanalysis. The European rive questions the truth on migrants' rights in Europe. The rive of Serbia recalls the"official" truth during the war in former Yugoslavia.

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