Issue 25 - Dream

Eve-Marie Halba, Bénédicte Halba (eds) et Jean-Luc Dumont, Diomar Gonzalez Serrano, Marta Guitart Sanchis, Albina Khasanzyanova, Camille Paillet

  • Publication : 2013
  • iriv

We dedicate this 25th edition of the rives de l’iriv to Croatia, the second Balkanic country to enter the European Union in July 2013, after Slovenia in 2004. The editorial rive is about the role of associations in preventing suicide. The academic rive points out the many meanings of dream. The psychonanalytic rive explains a migratory path, from profesional dream to the reality of the labour market.  The psychosociological rive underlines the transition from dream to project. The associative rive proposes an original experience of education in Latin Amerixa The European rive questions the dreams of Spanish expatriates. The rive of Russia proposes a testimony of a Master Erasmus Mundus, from dream to reality.

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