Issue 27 - Solidarity for Ukraine- Pax Eruopeana

  • Publication : 2024

May 9th is the Day of Europe. In 2024, we celebrate the 80th anniversary of the Allied landings in Normandy, the end of Nazism and the restoration of Peace. The US Congress voted last Saturday, April 20th, 61 billion in aid to Ukraine after 6 months of republican obstruction, highly isolationist. Europeans must prepare to take charge of their defense and security. Anniversaries may be an opportunity to take stock of a brutal event that changed our life. In a first point we will talk about the theory of change - the steps sometimes followed to overcome a major drama. In a second point, we will study the case of Russia which seems to fuel a destructive anger. In a third point, we will see how Ukraine overcame its trials, reconstruction can be hectic. In conclusion, we will reflect on the peace process – under the aegis of the United States, exceptional men helped change the course of tragic events that seemed hopeless in the 20th century. In 2024, could the European Union play this role of «peacemaker»- a Pax Europeana for the 21st century?
1- Theory of change, steps and new course
2- Demolition and permanent anger in Russia
3- Reconstruction and resilience in Ukraine
4- 2024, a milestone for a Pax Europeana?

Issue 27 - Solidarity for Ukraine- Pax Eruopeana
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