issue 3- Solidarity for Ukraine- humour versus propaganda

Bénédicte Halba (ed)

  • Publication : 2022
  • iriv

This newsletter is the third publication of the iriv after two issues published on 1 March and 1 April 2022. The iriv publishes every first day of the month a new issue as long as this brutal, total and illegal war lasts, unanimously condemned by all the democracies and institutions representing the international community. Experts have called war “all-out” because it combines “hot” (conventional, on the ground), “cold” (the world is organized around two camps - Western Democracies and/or Values and the rest of the world), and “hybrid” (cyberwar or 3.0). In this third issue, the theme of propaganda and its antidote, humour, weapon of massive destabilization, is addressed. A first article gives some definitions and synonyms of «fake news» also called disinformation. A second article explains the phenomenon of «memes», a destabilizing pop iconography for official propaganda. A third article discusses the recycling of Soviet jokes to counter Russian propaganda, the black humour «weapon of despair» according to Michel Eltchaninoff.

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