issue 31- Alliance

Bénédicte Halba (ed) et Bojana Adji-Mitrevska, Christiane Adjovi, Diomar Gonzalez Serrano, Eve-Marie Halba, Vanessa Vivero

  • Publication : 2016
  • iriv

The 31st issue of our electronic review les rives de l'iriv are dedicated to Anna Stepanovna Politkovskaïa- born in 1958 in New York (USA)  ; murdered on the 7th of October 2006 in Moscow (Russia). Russian journaliste and activist for Human rights, she opposed both the policy led by Russian president Vladimir Poutine in the conflict in Chechnya and the policy led by the local government in the Causasian Republic. She has become the emblematic symbol of the struggle for  freedom of expression in Europe and worlwide.


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