issue 43 - Talents

Bénédicte Halba (ed) et Christiane Adjovi, José Casares Moreno, Claire Millot, Peter Wells

  • Publication : 2022
  • iriv

The 43rd issue of our electronic review is dedicated to talent. We dedicate them to Annie Ernaux, woman writer, 16th French Nobel Prize in Literature, 17th woman and first French to have been awarded by the Nobel Committee. The award celebrates an “admirable intimate and political work.” Annie Ernaux, author of a singular romanesque work, marked by a sociological approach, opted for autofiction to «recover the memory of collective memory in an individual memory». She described with simplicity and lucidity the evolution of women’s lives through her experience. Human talent consists in knowing how to identify and value the most original and essential part of beings without insisting heavily and maliciously on superficial traits that do not define them. Annie Ernaux’s work will remain; her political positions do not count (calls for the boycott of the France-Israel season in 2018 or the Eurovision contest in Tel Aviv in 2019, or its unconditional support for the «yellow vests» or the insurrection suggested by Insoumis.) - “You can be wrong in your political choices, but not in your writing” (Annie Ernaux, JDD, Sunday, October 23, 2022)….

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