Glossary - Letter I

  • immigrant

    a pesron who expects to stay in a country other than his/her country of nationality for a certain period of time other tahn for tourism or for seasonal work.

  • Immigration Liaison Officer (ILO)

    A representative of one of the EU Member States, posted abroad by the immigration service or other competent authorities, in order to establish and maintain contacts with the authorities of the host country with a view to contribute to the prevention and fight of irregular migration, the return of irregular immigrants and the management of legal migration.

    Source : European Migration Network (EMN)

  • Informal learning

    learning resulting from daily life activities related to work, family or leisure. It is not structured (in terms of learning objectives, learning time or learning support) and does not lead to certification. Informal learning may be intentional or non-intentional (or incidental/random).
  • integration

    a dynamic, long-term and continuous two-way process of mutual accomodation by all immigrants and residents of the host country

    source: manual of Integration for practitioners, European Commission, Brussels, 2005.

  • International protection

    The 1951 Geneva Convention defines the main elements constituting the scope of protection in the country of asylum, and specifies the standards of treatment, and the status of a refugee (rights and obligations). The Convention also provides the basis for the three ‘durable solutions’ for persons in need of protection: voluntary repatriation, local integration and resettlement to a non-EU country if a person can neither go back home, nor remain in the country of asylum. In addition to refugee status, there are also other forms of protection (e.g. subsidiary or complementary forms of protection). The grounds for this protection, as well as its content, lie outside the scope of the Geneva Convention but can be found in different international human rights instruments.

    Source :  European Migration Network (EMN)